Östol – passionate about oil for 100 years

Oest offers more than 100 years of experience in the development and manufacture of first-class engine oils. With passion and a pioneering spirit, Johann Georg Oest founded a company for technical oils and lubricants in 1915 with the very successful Östol brand. This pioneering spirit and passion for the best engine oils have never dwindled at Östol. The oil and lubricant manufacturer has been active in motorsports since the 1920s, for example at the legendary Solitude race track near Stuttgart. The winner of the Formula III in 1952, Willi Zimmermann, was looked after by Östol. Östol was one of the main sponsors of the legendary first Ruhestein hill climb event in 1946. Oest continues this tradition with the revival of this rally in the 'Oestol Baiersbronn Classic'.

Today, the Östol product range is specially tailored to the requirements of classic and vintage cars. The undoped and lightly doped oils are perfectly suited to vintage engines and gearboxes that were produced with higher manufacturing tolerances. The composition of Östol improves sealing in the engine and preserves the original seals. For over a century, the high quality products have been developed in the Oest laboratory and produced at the mineral oil factory in Freudenstadt.