Important information on waste oil disposal

In line with the current German Ordinance on Waste Oil Disposal (AltölVO), the manufacturer must provide information about the current regulations and obligations:

The quantities of oil for combustion engines and gearboxes purchased from us can be returned to us free of charge for proper disposal. The return agreement also includes oil filters and waste containing oil usually generated during oil changes. As a buyer, you undertake to ensure environmentally friendly disposal of the waste oil and the containers. The waste oil can be dropped off at the following address during our business hours:

Georg Oest Mineralölwerk GmbH und Co. KG
Wittlensweilerstrasse 54
72250 Freudenstadt / Germany

Please observe the following regulations when returning oil:

The costs for returning the waste oil to the manufacturer has to be paid by the consumer. The AltölVO does not specify any obligation for the commercial manufacturer to pay for the return of the waste oil. Please ensure to use suitable packaging (original container) which specially suitable for transport.

As a private consumer, you can also return the waste oil to a local waste recycling point.

These guidelines also apply for our customers in other countries.

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