Östol Power 4T

Conventional fuel contains a variety of mostly harmful substances. POWER 4T on the other hand consists of only few components, which means: more purity – fewer harmful substances. The special fuel from Östol is benzene-free and low in aromatics and sulphur. It features a higher performance in continuous operation as well as for occasional journeys. Also ideal for storing your classic car, perfect for longer idle periods and winter storage. More information in the brochure

Advantages for the engine

  • Optimised performance and acceleration
  • Better cold start behaviour
  • Leaves no resin residue or adhesions in the fuel systems
  • Free from corrosion-supporting bioethanol
  • Excellent cleanliness of the fuel system – resulting in less service work
  • Lower engine wear – longer service life

Advantages for the environment

  • Lower fuel consumption, including through optimised cold start behaviour
  • Reduced emission of harmful substances, e.g. with regard to environmentally harmful sulphur, due to better combustion with less residue
  • Free from harmful benzene and lead
  • Less fuel fumes and harmful exhaust gases – nearly odourless, smokeless combustion